We weren’t shore if you knew, but Florida has ten spots to camp out on the beach!


Rats and Mice

The Center for Disease Control lists a dozen diseases linked to rats and mice.

Operation Opossum Freedom

Check out that one time when an Affordable Wildlife Removal wildlife expert catches an opossum by hand on YouTube!

FAQ: Moles

Are moles aggressive? What damages can they cause to my landscaping?

Toy Story

One afternoon I received an interesting call. It was a frantic new mom on the other end- trying to explain there was a snake in her house. I speak with her for a few moments and gather the information I need to get to the property and begin searching for the serpent. Once inside, the…

FAQ: Raccoons

Did you know? Raccoons are the number one carrier for rabies along the east coast.

Attic Restoration

What animals cause significant damage in an attic? Check out before and after pictures of Affordable Wildlife Removals’ attic restorations!

FWC: Citizen Scientist

Get involved! Become a citizen scientist for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.