What are Exclusions?

15698268_1837942399787035_3432366146407395603_nAn exclusion begins with an initial inspection. A wildlife expert must locate any and all entry points or possible entry points of a home or building to determine how the animals are entering. Once all of the openings or entry points have been determined, they are sealed; this traps the wildlife inside. (At this point the animals will be removed from the property.)

Exclusions are an important part of animal trapping because it is very likely that without sealing the entry points of the building, not only will exclusionthe animals return, but the scent of wildlife can attract other animals as well. Rats, squirrels, opossums, birds, raccoons; these are only a few of the animals that you can find in an attic or inside. Some of these animals only need the width of a quarter to enter an attic or establishment.




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